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Have questions about fostering, check out some commonly asked questions. If you have others that aren't here, feel free to reach out to us via email at

and we'll get back with you within 48hrs!

How long would I need to foster before my foster pet gets adopted?

This is hard one to answer. Some adoptions are almost immediate and some may take a while especially given we focus on senior animals many with special needs. Extreme cases may be over 1 year. If you are like us, you really get attached to your foster and don’t mind continuing the care for as long as it takes. If circumstances become extreme and you cannot foster any longer, we will work hard to find another foster. Overall it  is important to commit to fostering until your foster is adopted.


I have other pets in my house & am not sure if my pets will welcome a foster pet – is this an issue?

Not necessarily. I had two cats when I fostered Breeze and was initially anxious about the arrangement. However, without too much trouble, I was able to keep them separated. And slowly over time I was able to carefully introduce them to one another, and now they do fine. And I have babysat a number of dogs while fostering Breeze and with careful introductions many pets get along fine. Each case though would need to be assessed to see how easy it would be to introduce a foster in your household and what type of foster would work best. But as you know, most cats and dogs are social animals and like the company of other animals. I certainly find this to be the case with Breeze when I babysit other foster dogs


What does fostering really accomplish?

A lot! First you are saving an animal from potentially potentially being euthanized in a shelter. And you are helping to develop the foster to being a good pet. By providing shelter, food, and water and most importantly love on a daily basis and also helping socialize and train your pet, you are helping tremendously in quality of life of the animal and helping the foster pet be more adoptable.


Is fostering expensive?

No, GRRR provides you with everything you need to care for your foster (crate, food, toys, blankets, bowls, collar, vet costs, etc). You name it, it was provided. 

Let's Work Together

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