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Four years ago, Perry our director at GRRR created a Facebook page for senior dogs in southeast Georgia and named it Last Stop Loved. We love this name as it truly describes our mission for finding homes and also providing medical care for medically challenged senior dogs. The name Last Stop Loved represents a final place where these dogs can find incredible love and caring as they spend their last days on earth. The Last Stop Loved program works specifically with senior dogs over the age of seven, especially those with medical problems or disabilities.


We realize that senior dogs face a much greater chance of euthanasia at shelters than younger dogs because it is difficult to find adopters for them due to their shorter life expectancy and unforeseen veterinary costs. Also, many senior dogs are surrendered to us because their owner might of passed away and family members are unable to make the commitment to take in the senior dog. As with the eight dogs pictured here who are currently in our program, these and other wonderful senior dogs will and are able to live happily with a good quality of life. They make wonderful companions because they are calm, mature and loving.


Last Stop Loved strives to find these special seniors forever foster homes where they can live out their retirement years as a beloved family member. Often, we watch these dogs totally transform and begin to regain or discover a level of happiness that they may have only known as a young dog or perhaps never known. Adoptions of these senior dogs is always a possibility because of the miracles that often unfold when this healing takes place. The Last Stop Loved program has brought an incredible new dimension of meaning and advocacy to our vision at GRRR, enhancing everything we do as an animal rescue organization.


Five weeks ago seven year old Bonnie, aka Ava, arrived on January 2nd at the Bartow County Animal Control in Cartersville, Georgia. She was in a state of neglect after being abandoned from a hoarding case. On Monday of this week, GRRR transported her 291 miles to Savannah. For the naysayers who have asked why we brought a dog that far when there are a lot of dogs here in need,

I say its because she was an incredible senior dog who truly needed our help and and maybe her only opportunity to find her last stop loved.


Yesterday she had her intake exam with Dr. Mulvey to establish a game plan for her rehabilitation. There is a significant amount of musculature loss and her front teeth are completely worn down, both most likely the result of living in a cage in her past life. There is a significant amount of dermatitis and other issues but at the end of the day we are going to get this sweet senior girl to a place in life she probably has never known. A place of health and happiness. Her foster mom Michelle (who has been her biggest advocate), renamed her Ava which means to breathe, to live, life.


We will keep you updated with Pup Updates in the coming weeks regarding Ava’s progress and her new chapter in life that is so aptly named “Last Stop Loved”.

Peanut 1.jpg

Peanut's Last Stop Loved

On April 11 of this year, we received a call from HSGS regarding a senior dog who had been returned and was not doing well in the kennels at their shelter. They asked us to take him in and place him in a GRRR foster home and find a future adoptive home. This little dog's name was Peanut and while he was super cranky at the shelter, his sunny little personality came out once we placed him with his loving foster mom seen in the picture. As we prepared him for a dental with our veterinarian, we discovered the little Peanut was in late stages of congestive heart failure and would not be a candidate for anesthesia. Over the last six months, medications were used to help his weak heart and we truly believe that we were able to provide him with another 1/2 year in an environment where he knew he was deeply loved and cared for. We also feel that he was surrendered to HSGS because whomever had him didn't want to deal with his end of life issues. But that's ok. That's why we are here. Everyone at GRRR Georgia Rescue, Rehabilitation & Relocation truly knows that our mission is to provide each of the seniors we rescue with their last stop loved. Peanut found his last stop love with us and while we are saddened as he succumbed to his heart disease two days ago, we are happy to know that he passed away at the vet's office on Wednesday in the arms of his loving foster mom knowing that he was deeply loved. Rest in peace our sweet little Peanut. Thank you for brightening our lives and leaving us with incredibly happy memories.

11 year old Muffin joins GRRR

Eleven year old Muffin joined the GRRR Georgia Rescue, Rehabilitation & Relocation senior program one week ago from Chatham County Animal Services and in the last seven days her life has been completely turned around. After Tim at Bentleys Habersham Village shaved off years of matted neglect, she went on Thursday to Savannah Veterinary Medical Center and received a clean bill of health! She has also been scheduled for a full dental on the 29th of this month. We are so incredibly happy for Muffin and in the last few days she has gone from sad and depressed to happy and bubbly! We celebrate Muffin’s next chapter in life and we are thankful that we at GRRR could help her find her last stop loved!


Eight year old Bella's remission continues 

Bella is a very valued member of our senior dog program. Yesterday she had her six month check up with Dr. Mulvey and her successful remission of a bladder tumor continues with medications. She had an ultrasound and bloodwork as part of her checkup and everything looked great! Providing senior dogs with chronic health conditions a happy and long-term life is an important part of what we do at GRRR. We celebrate with joy on happy days like today that bring our dogs great news and an opportunity for many more years.

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