Ten months ago Perry our director at GRRR created a Facebook page for senior dogs in southeast Georgia and named it Last Stop Loved. We love this name as it truly describes our mission for finding homes and also providing medical care for medically challenged senior dogs. The name Last Stop Loved represents a final place where these dogs can find incredible love and caring as they spend their last days on earth. The Last Stop Loved program works specifically with senior dogs over the age of seven, especially those with medical problems or disabilities. We realize that senior dogs face a much greater chance of euthanasia at shelters than younger dogs because it is difficult to find adopters for them due to their shorter life expectancy and unforeseen veterinary costs. Also, many senior dogs are surrendered to us because their owner might of passed away and family members are unable to make the commitment to take in the senior dog. As with the eight dogs pictured here who are currently in our program, these and other wonderful senior dogs will and are able to live happily with a good quality of life. They make wonderful companions because they are calm, mature and loving. Last Stop Loved strives to find these special seniors forever foster homes or forever adopter homes where they can live out their retirement years as a beloved family member. Often, we watch these dogs totally transform and begin to regain or discover a level of happiness that they may have only known as a young dog or perhaps have never known at all. Adoptions of these senior dogs is always a possibility because of the miracles that often unfold when this healing takes place. The Last Stop Loved program has brought an incredible new dimension of meaning and advocacy to our vision at GRRR, enhancing everything we do as an animal rescue organization. Watch for the new website on August 1st. It will be enable us to further expand our work and our mission to ensure that every dog deserves their last stop in life to be loved and cared for. The eight pictured here in our program (from top left clockwise) are Petey 15 years old, Mrs. S. 12 years old, Casey 12 years old, Peanut 19 years old, Helen 11 years old, Peyton 13 years old and Poppy 12 years old. Not pictured are Bonnie 15 years old, Boo 10 years old, Gina 12 years old and Geoffrey 12 years old. They are all in our care and most have chronic health conditions which we treat with incredible medical care paid for with the kind donations from supporters like yourself.

Meet 19 year old Peanut!

Many times we are talking to a potential adopter and we mention a dog that is available that is perhaps seven or eight years in age. We frequently get a response indicating that would be much to old to adopt. To those missing out on the joys of older dogs, we would like to introduce you to nineteen (19) year old Peanut came us after his owner experienced severe medical challenges. Peanut is blind but he enjoys his meals with gusto, loves supervised time outside and nuzzles his head against a person's shoulder when held. He lives with Perry with GRRR and Perry's dogs and other foster dogs treat Peanut with respect and tenderness. People might think that seven years of age is old for a dog but do forget that the age of seven was twelve years ago for Peanut back in 2008. We are very lucky to have Peanut with GRRR.  He is one of  have blind seniors sharing their lives with us at GRRR.  In this crazy world of ours, they teach us that challenges are never obstacles and love is forever.

Senior dogs are incredible! Look who we ran into this morning at Dr. Mulvey’s office at the Savannah Veterinary Medical Center. Meet GRRR alumni, Grace and her incredible new dad! Grace is a GRRR success story with after we rescued her last summer from Russell County Animal Shelter in Phenix City, Alabama. We transported this loving ten year old senior here to Savannah and she arrived heartworm positive with heartworm disease and with mammary tumors. Today, through our senior medical program, Grace is heartworm free and tumor free! Thank you to everyone who donated, prayed and shared Grace’s story over the last year as well as the over the moon love from her new parents. Rather than being euthanized at the shelter in Alabama, Grace is living her best life ever today surrounded by love!

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