Founded in 2011, GRRR is a small 501(c)(3) rescue organization that serves Chatham County in coastal Georgia as well as surrounding counties in the area.  Based in Savannah, we are dedicated to rescuing dogs from owners who are no longer able to care for them, from public shelters without a "no-kill" policy and from situations where a dog has suffered abuse or neglect. We are committed to helping dogs of all ages and believe that no matter what the age or health condition, we are dedicated to insuring that every dog deserves love, care and compassion.  All dogs rescued by GRRR are spayed or neutered, receive full veterinary treatment, immunizations and microchips.  We are a foster based organization and all rescued dogs are placed in loving foster homes while awaiting adoption into carefully screened, loving forever homes.

GRRR Welcomes Tiny!


Over the last two years our small organization has evolved into a rescue where over 75% of our intakes are either senior dogs, medically challenged dogs with chronic conditions or dogs with disabilities. Tiny joins GRRR after her owner decided that we could help her puppy who has been deaf since birth. Tiny is just six months old and the fifth deaf dog we have taken into our care in 2021. This is in addition to the ongoing care we provide for visually impaired and paraplegic dogs. Sometimes when people contact us looking to adopt a dog or puppy, they are a bit disappointed when we tell them about the incredible dogs we have available but don’t necessarily fit the image of what they are looking for. But that’s ok with us because at the end of of each day we realize that our dogs in foster are the most incredible dogs in the world.

Every dog we care for is guaranteed their last stop loved.

After Tiny completes her vetting, testing and spay in the coming weeks we will be looking for a very special person for a very, very special little girl. We welcome Tiny to GRRR where she will be deeply loved, cherished and cared for.

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Willow's Surgery

We rescued Willow from Chatham County Animal Services a little over three weeks ago and discovered on day one that she was sick with what initially thought to be a UTI. Last week it was discovered that emergency surgery would be required involving her bladder and Dr. Mulvey did the surgery today. She is on her way home with her loving foster mom and her recovery will be under her watchful eye. Thank you to everyone who donated to allow this to happen and thank you Danika for being the best foster parent in the universe!

Kelly' new life!


Two weeks ago a very scared and bewildered blind senior dog was sitting at Chatham County Animal Services, the victim of abandonment and neglect. We have chronicled his journey over the last fourteen days, from scared and defeated, to foster with Perry and dental surgery this last Thursday for removal of thirteen decayed and abscessed teeth. Today, Kelly celebrates his last stop loved by joining one of the most incredible families who will love,cherish and care for him. He joins their other senior rescues and we can’t find the words to express how incredibly happy we are for him. Blind senior dogs are typically left to unfortunate endings but through the perseverance of GRRR, we work tirelessly to ensure every senior we take in finds their last stop loved. We love you Kelly!


Remembering Petey

In July of 2020, we were contacted by a local senior citizen home regarding a senior blind dog named Petey. His mom was a resident at the senior home but due to diminishing capabilities, she was no longer able to care for her beloved Petey. Recognizing our work with senior dogs, the senior home asked if we would take him into our forever foster program providing Petey with his last stop loved. Pictured here are scenes of Petey and his loving foster family where he happily spent his last year. Petey passed away peacefully yesterday surrounded by the incredible love his foster family surrounded him with daily over the last year. While it is a sad day for those who loved him, we celebrate the love he knew and was surrounded with in his last year of life. We are sad that you are gone, but the last year and a month with you were the best. We love you Petey.

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Charlie's Story

Recently a post was found on a local Facebook lost and found page describing a blind, deaf and emaciated dog found in the parking lot of a busy strip mall on Victory Drive and the Truman Parkway. The dog was taken to Chatham County Animal Services and placed on a stray hold. There were a couple of people who thought the dog might have been their long lost pet but after visiting him they sadly discovered he wasn’t their dog. We visited the dog on a Sunday, brought him a large blanket and promised him that we would be there for him. The next day we were blessed with the opportunity to be there for him and he left CCAS on his road to love and rehabilitation with GRRR. His name is now Charlie, he is blind and deaf and he is now in care with GRRR in a loving forever foster home. Stories like this happen every day at GRRR. 

Cute little Jack Russell mixed breed dog