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  Founded in 2011, GRRR is a small 501(c)(3) rescue organization that serves Chatham County in coastal Georgia as well as surrounding counties in the area.  Based in Savannah, we are dedicated to rescuing senior dogs and small breed dogs from owners who are no longer able to care for them, from public shelters without a "no-kill" policy and from situations where a senior or small breed dog has suffered abuse or neglect. We are committed to helping all senior dogs and believe that no matter what the age or health condition, every rescued senior dog deserves to find their last stop loved.  All dogs rescued by GRRR are spayed or neutered, receive full veterinary treatment, immunizations and microchips.  We are a foster based organization and all rescued dogs are placed in loving foster homes while awaiting adoption into carefully screened forever homes. Many of our senior dogs rescued are placed into forever foster homes where GRRR supports all financial costs for the dog while they live out their remaining months or years.



Good afternoon it’s Perry with some wonderful news to share. Seven year old Jessie and ten year old Bonnie left the Bartow County Animal Shelter at 9:00 am this morning.

This is about six hours away in the northern part of Georgia in Cartersville. As a bonded pair who lost their dad, they have spent close to two months living in the shelter as rescues near Atlanta and north of us did not want to take them. Wishing that the two girls find their last stop loved together, I was contacted and they are now on their way to Savannah on a six hour drive. More information to come

but we can report that we are incredibly blessed to have them join us in Savannah. Watch for updates over the next few days regarding their journey to their destination of

Last Stop Loved

Three amazing paraplegic dogs who joined GRRR

Hello! This is Perry with GRRR. Today I would like you to meet three amazing paraplegic dogs that live with me at my home in Savannah; Allegra, Lucky and Theodore. Lucky is actually a paraplegic-tripod who prior to GRRR rescuing him was mauled by a larger dog who severed a leg off and broke his spine.

Allegra and Theodore were hit by cars prior to us rescuing them.

While some people may view these three dogs as broken bodies, we at GRRR only see mended hearts.

This is what we do at GRRR and everyone one who volunteers and fosters at GRRR Georgia Rescue, Rehabilitation & Relocation is so incredibly inspired by the senior/special needs dogs that we rescue and foster. These dogs fill our lives with absolute joy.

If you'd like to share in this happiness and join our group of foster parents, please send me a text message to (912) 695-2415 and say "Perry - I want to join you all!" I do promise a call back that same day to talk with you. Thank you!


Zeus is looking for a best friend and a forever home

Zeus FB and PF hoto.jpg

Meet Zeus with GRRR. Zeus is one delightfully sweet dog who loves

to play hard and snuggle with his person even harder! He loves car rides, shopping at Home Depot, walks on his leash and binge watching your favorite Netflix series with you. Zeus would make a best friend and forever companion to the lucky person who adopts him. Zeus is five years young and requires a fenced yard and an active adopter. If you would like to meet Zeus, please begin the process by completing our application.

- Approved application for adoption is required before meet and greet appointments can be established. GRRR requires a smoke free home for all of our animals and requires a secure fenced yard for most of our dogs.

- GRRR is a foster based rescue serving the coastal areas of southeast Georgia and South Carolina and prefers to adopt out to approved homes within 75 miles of Savannah, Georgia.


Bella Dental.jpg

This is ten year old Bella after major dental surgery this week leaving Dr. Mulvey’s office. When her mom (who is also a senior) noticed Bella having difficulty eating, she reached out to Perry at GRRR for help. Within 72 hours we had Bella checked into Savannah Veterinary Medical Center for a complete dental surgery due to significant abscess and infection in her mouth. Needless to say, after she heals she will be able to enjoy her food again and spend her days pain free.

Helping senior citizens on fixed incomes keep their beloved dogs is another facet of our Last Stop Loved Senior Dog Program. This facet of our program allows senior citizens to keep their adult or senior dogs or cat when their income no longer allows pet ownership. GRRR is instrumental in supplying food, medications, monthly preventatives, transportation to the vet and covering all costs associated with top-notch medical care for their dog or cat. Having a dog or cat to care for can help seniors, especially those that are retired. Pets add structure to their day, such as the daily routines of feeding or playing with a pet, or taking a dog outside. Research has shown that having a routine offers improvements in mood and cognitive functioning while also decreasing the chances of developing major depression. Not to mention the benefits for a dog or cat in having a human companion to love 24/7. We share this story for greater awareness in the community regarding the important work performed by GRRR volunteers on a daily basis. 


Here is a happy story to brighten your day...

Meet three GRRR dogs and one incredible family in this amazing picture. Jack in the middle was the first adopted by  this family from GRRR four years ago. One year later, Chewy on the left was next adopted from GRRR. Today we are happy to announce that Cairo (on the right) celebrates his adoption today joining one absolutely amazing family! Congratulations Cairo as you hit the powerball jackpot of forever love! 



This is Perry at GRRR with amazing news. Thirteen year old Lucky’s post on our Facebook and Instagram pages on Friday, February 9 was read and shared by hundreds of people. It tugged at the heartstrings of many; the story was a reflection of the sadness that fills our world. Lucky’s picture behind the chain link fence at CCAS was a picture of sadness and a story of significant loss. 48 hours later I am posting his picture again (seen here) with Lucky sitting in my van freed from the shelter and euthanasia. His face is covered with smiles and absolute happiness on his ride out of the CCAS shelter to his last stop loved.

We thank his new foster dad Christopher for opening his heart and home to Lucky and taking the care and devotion to introduce him to his other special needs dogs. Lucky is one of many senior dogs that Christopher has worked with GRRR on saving and we are so proud to know him.

While this maybe a hospice case, it’s the happiest story with a very happy ending. On Tuesday, February 13 we will update you on his intake exam with Dr. Becker at Eastside Veterinary Hospital.  We celebrate that Lucky has a bright tomorrow and a future that will never again see him abandoned. We celebrate another GRRR moment in a senior dog’s life!


Last Stop Loved
Senior Dog Program

IMG_5104 (1).JPG

The Last Stop Loved Senior Dog Program has brought an incredible new dimension of meaning and advocacy to our vision at GRRR, enhancing everything we do as an animal rescue organization. We realize that senior dogs face a much greater chance of euthanasia at shelters than younger dogs because it is difficult to find homes for them due to their shorter life expectancy and unforeseen veterinary costs. Also, many senior dogs are surrendered to us because their owner might of passed away and family members are unable to make the commitment to take in the senior dog.

The name Last Stop Loved represents a final place where senior dogs can find incredible love and caring as they spend their last days on earth. Working specifically with senior dogs over the age of seven, our program strives to find these special seniors either forever foster or adoptive homes where they can live out their retirement years as a beloved family member. Often, we watch these dogs totally transform and begin to regain or discover a level of happiness that they may have only known as a young dog or perhaps never known. Adoptions of these senior dogs is always a possibility because of the miracles that often unfold when this healing takes place. Senior dogs make wonderful companions because they are calm, mature and loving.


If you would like to provide a senior dog a forever foster home or forever adoptive home, please reach out to Perry Brandon with GRRR at (912) 695-2415.

If you would like to donate towards the care of our senior dogs, please visit: for information on becoming a supporter of our program

421432407_1154409485812021_7506288367076321761_n (1).jpg

Effective today, GRRR will only be adopting animals to smoke free homes. Our current application will be adding questions regarding potential adopters smoking habits. People who smoke are still welcome to adopt but they must be smokers who do not smoke in their home or car, places where your pet might be exposed to second or third hand smoke. Dogs and cats spend most of their time on or near the floor, where tobacco smoke compounds concentrate in house dust, carpets, and rugs. Dogs and cats can absorb these compounds through their skin and inhale them in contaminated house dust or as ultra-fine particles and gases that were released back into the air. Please read the attached FDA report regarding the incredible harm smoking has on your pets. We have had multiple rescued animals suffering from COPD and chronic respiratory issues after spending their previous lives in a smokers home. If you are smoking around your pet, stop and be a bit more responsible. Loving your pet includes providing them with a smoke free environment. Over the next few weeks we will continue to post information regarding this critically important topic and hope it helps in changing the life of a dog or cat who might be living with a person who follows us on our social media sites. Please visit the link below for more information and to realize that we at GRRR are just not blowing smoke:


Stella and Lady are looking for love!

Four month old Stella and Lady are two bonded sisters whom we wish to keep together in a forever home. These charming little girls will capture your heart, put a double smile on your face and double purrs in your lap forever. The sisters are ready for their forever home with all immunizations, microchips and spays completed. To meet these delightful little girls, please reach out to Lauren our GRRR Cat Coordinator either through messaging us through Facebook or Instagram or send a call or text to Lauren the cat coordinator (858) 414-8157. Life is better with a rescue cat.

This is Perry with GRRR. One of the many things I’m proud of in our work at GRRR is working with senior citizens in the local community on care of their senior dogs. Back in late 2021, we matched Mandy (on left) with Marlene and her senior dog Mica.

It immediately became a loving family and since then we have assisted with transportation to vet visits, costs associated with all vet care, check-in visitations and monthly preventatives.

Recently Mica passed away leaving Marlene with just Mandy.

That scenario changed one week ago when we rescued a senior Chihuahua named Bella (on right) from CCAS and placed her with Marlene and Mandy. Yesterday I stopped by to check in on the three ladies and quickly discovered that this home was the happiest place on earth! Thank you to our supporters who enable GRRR to bring you happy stories and happy endings. If you would like to become a monthly supporter of seniors with senior dogs, please visit:

3 Dachsunds.jpg

GRRR rescues three senior Dachshunds

What a great Saturday it was at GRRR! Team GRRR rescued three senior Dachshunds today from a situation where their mom was no longer able to care for them due to declining health. We are blessed to have had the opportunity to rescue them and in the next two weeks   we will be providing medical visits and care as well as evaluating the three dogs to determine the very best plan for their last stop loved. Tonight they rest easy in one of our loving foster homes. This afternoon they were all pampered with a spa afternoon which included baths, flea treatments, nail trims and ear cleaning. From top left going clockwise, we would like to introduce you to Bella who is blind, Jacob and Little Bit who is also a little girl. GRRR welcomes Bella, Jacob and a Little Bit to our family of love. Stay tuned for updates in the next two weeks!

Chichi and Chippy meet Dr. Mallory

It was a happy day for seniors Chichi and Chippy as they were able to meet Dr. Mallory today and receive medical exams and treatment plans. Both dogs joined our senior program in the last week and both had not received any medical care for probably a good bit of time. We are happy to say that their exams went well, they are now up to date on vaccines, HW tested and placed on medications. Chichi is now scheduled for a spay and dental and Chippy is scheduled for a dental as well, both in August. Thank you once again to the staff at Savannah Veterinary Medical Center for taking such incredible care of our senior dogs!

broken leg Grids Collage.png

GRRR rescues Indie with broken leg

This is Indie. On Monday we received a call from a couple who said they witnessed him being thrown out of a car in

a trash bag. They rescued him and quickly discovered he was unable to walk. His foster mom, Lauren, took him to the vet on Tuesday where it was confirmed that his right leg is broken. We are now working on keeping him comfortable and pain free so his body can begin the healing process. While his bone is broken, his spirit is not! Indie is sweet, feisty, and determined to explore despite being on strict bed rest.  If you would like to donate towards Indie’s care, please click on the button below. You can type his name in the message section and we will ensure your donation goes directly towards his veterinary bills. 

Eleven year old Muffin joins GRRR

Eleven year old Muffin joined the GRRR Georgia Rescue, Rehabilitation & Relocation senior program one week ago from Chatham County Animal Services and in the last seven days her life has been completely turned around. After Tim at Bentleys Habersham Village shaved off years of matted neglect, she went on Thursday to Savannah Veterinary Medical Center and received a clean bill of health! She has also been scheduled for a full dental on the 29th of this month. We are so incredibly happy for Muffin and in the last few days she has gone from sad and depressed to happy and bubbly! We celebrate Muffin’s next chapter in life and we are thankful that we at GRRR could help her find her last stop loved!


Last Stop Loved for Lilly

If you saw rain in the last few days it wasn’t precipitation but tears of joy from heaven. Twelve year old Lilly’s former mom went to heaven earlier this year and is crying tears of joy because she knows that her sweet Lilly is now safe and being loved by the incredible young lady pictured who just adopted her. Lilly joined our senior program on March 15 coming to us from Jesup after her mom passed away. She is officially being adopted and has found her new mom and last stop loved! Congratulations to both Lilly and her new mom and we wish them all the happiness that they will share for the rest of their lives together. This is such a special story and we are over the moon with happiness in being able to share it with you!

Lilly adoption.jpg

Welcoming Sophie to GRRR

What a difference 24 hours can make in the life of a dog. Just ask Sophie. Left side, yesterday at Chatham County Animal Services. Right side,
taken today, 24 hours later being welcomed by her new foster mom after
being groomed by Tim at Bentleys Habersham Village this morning.
We rescued her yesterday after discovering she was on the euthanasia
list Friday morning. We will be seeking a forever home for her shortly,
we are approximating her age to be around four or five. Sophie wants to thank Megan and Perry for rescuing her, Lynn for providing temporary housing last night, Tim at Bentleys for grooming her this morning, Linda
for taking her to foster and Phil and Sherry for welcoming her into their loving home. It takes an incredible group of people to save a life and these people are Sophie’s angels.

GRRR Rescues Randi from Coffee County

This sweet senior Yorkie girl joined GRRR after being dumped with other dogs on a dirt road in Coffee County. We brought her to safety after being transported from central Georgia. Her loving GRRR foster mom has named her Randi. She is slightly visually impaired, very shy and very sweet. After vetting and giving her the ability to acclimate and decompress, we will be seeking an incredible forever home in the near future. 

Remembering Petey

In July of 2020, we were contacted by a local senior citizen home regarding a sweet senior blind poodle named Petey. His mom was a resident at the senior home but due to diminishing capabilities, she was no longer able to care for her beloved Petey. Recognizing our work with senior dogs, the senior home asked if we would take him into our forever foster program providing Petey with his last stop loved. Pictured here are scenes of Petey and his loving foster family where he happily spent his last year. Petey passed away peacefully yesterday surrounded by the incredible love his foster family surrounded him with daily over the last year. While it is a sad day for those who loved him, we celebrate the love he knew and was surrounded with in his last year of life. We are sad that you are gone, but the last year and a month with you were the best.


15 year old Sparky joins GRRR 

We recently rescued fifteen year old Sparky earlier this week after he lost his beloved dad. We are happy to report that he has settled into his new life surrounded by the love of an incredible family who believe in giving senior dogs a happy new life. This picture was sent by his foster parents and was taken as he happily cuddled up for an evening of TV on the sofa with his new mom and dad. Last stop loved!

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