Have questions about fostering, check out some commonly asked questions. If you have others that aren't here, feel free to reach out to us via email at information@grrrsavesdogs.org

and we'll get back with you within 48hrs!


Why should I foster?

There is nothing like the love and warmth of a family. Fostering enables pets to thrive in a home where they are less stressed and better socialized. This means they are less likely to get sick, and have a better change of being adopted.  Fostering also allows animals to have a quiet space to heal from an illness or surgery or specialized attention to improve on various behaviors. Also, not to mention you're saving an animal from potentially being euthanized in a shelter.


What should I consider if I currently have pets?

It’s best to be thoughtful and careful whenever you introduce your pet to other animals, whether at the off-leash areas, day care or other common animal areas.  This goes for your home and foster pets too! A good way to start is with isolating your foster animal and doing a slow introduction to your animals over the course of 1-2 weeks. This can mean small supervised interactions of 15mins, joint walks or play time, then working up to an hour in the same space, and eventually unsupervised interactions.

If your pets are current on their vaccinations, maintain healthy diets and lifestyles, and are not immune compromised, then the health risk should be minimal.


How long would I need to foster before my foster pet gets adopted?

This is hard one to answer. Some adoptions are immediate and some may take many months especially given we focus on senior animals many with special needs. Some cases may be over 1 year. If you are like us, you get attached to your foster and don’t mind continuing to care for them as long as it takes. If circumstances become difficult and you cannot foster any longer, we will work hard to find another foster. Overall though, it's important to commit to fostering until your foster is adopted.


Will I need to pay for things in order to foster?

No, GRRR provides you with everything you need to care for your foster (crate, food, toys, blankets, bowls, collar, vet costs, etc). You name it, it's provided. 


What happens if my foster seems sick or in need of vet care

First thing contact Perry (dogs) or Lauren (cats) to discuss the situation. If the foster needs to go to the veterinarian, we can coordinate a time to meet you at the vets office or if you're unable to bring them in, we'll come to pick them up. It's helpful if you're able to attend the appointment to receive and after care instructions. GRRR of course will pay for all the veterinarian expenses.