Meet fourteen year old Bear

This is Bear. He is fourteen.  While most of us are riding out the covid crisis unscathed, there are millions and millions of Americans whose lives were changed for the worse, loss of homes, jobs, animals they loved and their savings. Bear is a victim of the covid crisis and we need a forever foster home.

His owner lost his home and has had to move in with a friend into an apartment that will not permit Bear. His owner is heartbroken beyond words but had to reach out to us for desperate help. He is up-to-date on immunizations. Bear is medium size dog at about 40 lbs. He is gentle and lived with a cat. He needs a forever foster home because it is not his fault that the humans have made such a mess of this world.  Please contact Perry with GRRR (912) 695-2415 if you can be a forever foster for Bear or other senior dogs that we have saved.  As a forever foster, GRRR provides all medical care and assistance with supplies. You provide a loving home, lots of love and a final place for a deserving dog to call home and their last stop loved.

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